Awards and Scholarships

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Local Scholarships

Most local scholarships and bursaries are awarded by a committee at the end of the school year.  Local businesses and organizations have their own requirements and standards for a student to qualify.  Many local scholarships and bursaries do not require student application, however your name must be on the intentions list that is created by the Career Guidance Counsellor to be considered for the local scholarships/bursaries.  In order to have your name on this list you must indicate which post secondary institution you have applied to and you must give a copy of the conditional acceptance letter to the guidance counsellor before the beginning of June. 


Web Resources for Provincial and National Scholarships  

We encourage GLH students to explore scholarship options on the following websites below. Many of the scholarships found on these sites are not available elsewhere. If you have questions regarding something you find here come visit the guidance department.


Brandon University Scholarships


University of Manitoba Scholarships and Awards


Red River College Scholarships and Awards


Assiniboine Community College Scholarships and Awards


University of Regina Scholarships and Awards


University of Calgary Scholarships and Awards


Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Scholarships and Awards


Student Awards


Canadian Scholarships

Foster Children Bursary Application

Links to Scholarships and Awards 

We encourage GLH students to apply for the following scholarships/bursaries.  Each bursary requires an application form to be filled out and submitted by the deadline.  If you have questions regarding something you find here or would like an application form please email [email protected]  
Note that each deadline is unique for each scholarship!
  1. Westman Award of Excellence Scholarship - deadline May 14 - applications and all requirements must be send to me by Thursday May 14 at NOON 
  2. Laverne Morrisseau Bursary - deadline May 22 - submitted to Dauphin Friendship Center by 4:30
  3. Roblin Chamber of Commerce - deadline May 29
  4. Parkway Co-op - deadline May 29
  5. MVTA (Mountain View Teacher's Association) Scholarship - for students who are going on to Education or Early Childhood Education programs - deadline June 16
  6. Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario Command Royal Canadian Legion - x2 a bursary and a scholarship - deadline July 31st
  7. Manitoba Nurses Union - deadline June 1-July 1st
  8. Mazergroup Ag Excellence Scholarship - deadline May 15th
  9. Fusion Credit Union - deadline June 12th - apply online
  10. St.Germain Bursary Application - This is a bursary for Metis students in Grade 12 who excel in math or science and are actively involved in the community - June 26th
  11. ACC One to Watch Entrance Award - This award will recognize students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership or community involvement throughout their schooling and who will be continuing their education here at Assiniboine the following year.  The first wave of recipients will receive the $1,000 tuition award upon graduation from high school in June 2020. - Deadline May 29th